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Featured Products

  1. Smoktech RDA - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

    Smoktech Mini RDA


    These sleek, affordable Smoktech miniature rebuildable drip atomizers (RDA) are a simple introductory rebuildable setup. The price is right, the product is functional, and they're produced by one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry. The Smoktech Mini RDA isn't ideal for high heat builds or sub-ohm vaping because the airflow is quite limited. For lower voltage, cooler vapes it's perfect.

    Dimensions: 1.45" x 0.70"

    Was:  $12.95
    Sale price:  $5.25

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  2. Samsung 18650

    Samsung ICR 18650 - 2600mAh


    Genuine Samsung 18650 batteries; ICR chemistry, 2600mAh capacity. One of the best external batteries on the market!

    Compatibility: Smoktech BoltSmoktech ZMAX, Vapefly VP-007, Nemesis V4 (Chemesis)Cloupor DNA 30Cloupor T5

    Sub-ohm capability: Not recommended

    Weight:  1.7 oz.
    Capacity:  2600mAh 
    Make:  Samsung
    Color:  Pink 
    Chemistry: ICR - Lithium Ion 

    Was:  $9.95
    Sale price:  $6.95 

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  3. Cocoa

    30ml - Chocolate E-liquid


    Aromatic and sweet, this rich chocoholic-inspired vape is sure to appease even the most devilish chocolate cravings! Tastes just like Cocoa cereal! At one-millionth the calories!*

    *Calorie count completely made up. Please don't sue.

    Was:  $13.95
    Sale price:  $11.95

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  4. Vision Spinner 2 Battery

    Vision Spinner 2 - 1650mAh


    Vision Spinner II batteries are at the pinnacle of the latest generation in electronic cigarette hardware. Engineers at Vision developed the latest Spinner battery model to not only boast a substantial increase in battery life, but also updgraded the internal battery with safer chemistry. This new and improved model design has heightened output power, an enhanced hardware structure, and an increase in the overall longevity of the unit itself. With the new Vision Spinner II battery, you'll be seeding clouds and making it rain!

    Was:  $27.95
    Sale price:   $22.95

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  5. Vapefly VP007 VP-007 Starter Kit - Telescopic Mechanical Battery Mod - 18500, 18650, 18350

    Vapefly VP-007 - Starter Kit



    Supports 18350, 18500, 18650 batteries.

    The Vapefly VP007 is a breathtaking telescopic mechanical electronic cigarette battery mod, with the innate capability of length adjustment to fit one of three battery sizes at any given time. The device has a state of the art built-in ventilation system for maximum safety and security (5 vents, with airflow control ring), brass contacts for optimal conductivity, bottom spring-loaded switch for impeccable ease-of-use, and a reverse threaded locking ring.

    This deluxe starter kit set is assembled at a promotional discount. Each kit will come with all necessary components to create a fully operational APV setup: 1pc. APV device, 1 pc. glassomizer, 1 pc. external battery, 1 pc. battery charger, 1 pc. 30mL bottle of our exclusive e-juice.

    Was:  $68.95
    Sale price:  $52.95

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