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Featured Products

  1. Cocoa

    30ml - Chocolate E-liquid


    Aromatic and sweet, this rich chocoholic-inspired vape is sure to appease even the most devilish chocolate cravings! At one-millionth the calories!*

    *Calorie count completely made up. Please don't sue.

    Was:  $13.95
    Sale price:  $11.95

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  2. Vision Spinner 2 Battery

    Vision Spinner 2 - 1650mAh


    Vision Spinner II batteries are at the pinnacle of the latest generation in electronic cigarette hardware. Engineers at Vision developed the latest Spinner battery model to not only boast a substantial increase in battery life, but also updgraded the internal battery with safer chemistry. This new and improved model design has heightened output power, an enhanced hardware structure, and an increase in the overall longevity of the unit itself. With the new Vision Spinner II battery, you'll be seeding clouds and making it rain!

    Was:  $27.95
    Sale price:   $22.95

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  3. Aspire Nautilus Mini

    Aspire Nautilus Mini


    The Aspire Nautilus Mini is a miniature version of the original Aspire Nautilus! The Nautilus Mini operates with the same system as its larger counterpart, but was designed to fit more aesthetically with narrower battery models.

    Composed of a durable stainless steel body with an extra strong, shatter-resistant pyrex glass e-liquid chamber, the Aspire Nautilus Mini is a beautiful and contemporary next generation glassomizer. The Nautilus Mini utilizes well-renowned Aspire BDC (bottom dual coil) technology to produce massive, thick clouds of delicious vapor ambrosia. This innovative device has a built in airflow adjustment tool that allows the user to fine tune the device for ideal vapor production, no matter the liquid viscousity. Great for seeding clouds or stealth vapes! The steampunk-esque aesthetics of the Aspire Nautilus Mini are sure to please and look great in any vaper's arsenal!

    Was:  $33.95
    Sale price:  $24.95

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  4. Zmax 510

    Zmax 510



    The Zmax is a variable voltage device, yielding an 18650 battery and a single, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand button used for both battery activation and voltage/wattage adjustment.

    The Zmax is available in CHROME and STAINLESS STEEL. The stock image we are using reflects Chrome. !

    This item includes only the Zmax battery mod itself. All accessories, batteries, and chargers sold separately. Voltage setting ranges from 3.0v to 6.0v. and a wide range of wattage output control.

    Was:  $98.00
    Sale price:  $44.00

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