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Featured Products

  1. Cocoa

    30ml - Chocolate E-liquid


    Aromatic and sweet, this rich chocoholic-inspired vape is sure to appease even the most devilish chocolate cravings! Tastes just like Cocoa cereal! At one-millionth the calories!*

    *Calorie count completely made up. Please don't sue.

    Was:  $13.95
    Sale price:  $11.95

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  2. Kanger IPOW 2 - VV Battery by Kangertech

    Kanger IPOW 2 - 1600mAh


    The Kanger IPOW 2 is the eGo battery of the future, featuring an intelligent buck-boost circuitry technology allowing for 3.0V to 5.0 V voltage adjustment in 0.1V increments by simply twisting the voltage adjustment mechanism at the base of the unit. The LCD display screen has been enhanced with LED backlighting, and displays the current voltage output setting as well as remaining battery charge. Kangertech is one of the leaders in the industry for batteries and atomization, and they've really made their mark with their new IPOW 2 battery.

    Units are deactivated for shipping purposes. Upon receipt of your order, click the activation button on your battery 5 times to turn the device on and enable it for use.

    Was:  $28.95
    Sale price:  $20.95

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  3. Vapefly VP007 VP-007 - Telescopic Mechanical Battery Mod - 18500, 18650, 18350

    Vapefly VP-007



    Supports 18350, 18500, 18650 batteries.

    The Vapefly VP007 is a breathtaking telescopic mechanical electronic cigarette battery mod, with the innate capability of length adjustment to fit one of three battery sizes at any given time. The device has a state of the art built-in ventilation system for maximum safety and security (5 vents, with airflow control ring), brass contacts for optimal conductivity, bottom spring-loaded switch for impeccable ease-of-use, and a reverse threaded locking ring.

    This item includes only the Vapefly VP-007 battery mod itself. All accessories, batteries, and chargers sold separately. Mechanical functionality.

    Was:  $38.95
    Sale price:  $21.95

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  4. Efest IMR 18650 Battery - 2500mAh 35A

    EFEST IMR 18650 Battery - 2500mAh 35A


    18650 style battery for your electronic cigarette mods! Composition, power and mAh may change from batch to batch, but all batteries will be secured. IMR chemistry, 2500mAh capacity, 35 Amp. Please familiarize yourself with the risks of lithium ion technology, as well as the potential issues that may arise when stacking batteries.

    Compatibility: Smoktech BoltSmoktech ZMAX, Vapefly VP-007, Nemesis V4 (Chemesis)Cloupor DNA 30Cloupor T5, Cloupor T8, Cloupor ZNA 30, Cloupor ZNA 50

    Sub-ohm capability: Acceptable

    Weight:  2.18 oz.
    Capacity:  2500mAh (varies)
    Make:  Efest
    Color:  Purple
    Protected: No
    Chemistry: IMR - Li-MnO2

    Was:  $14.95
    Sale price:  $7.50 

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  5. Taifun GT RTA - RBA Rebuildable Atomizer - Vapor Station USA

    Taifun GT RTA


    The Taifun GT takes to task the belief that adjustable airflow is necessary in the world of rebuildable tank atomizers. Having no built in airflow adjustment, the Taifun GT instead focuses on mechanical utility, build quality, and skilfull engineering to provide its clean, cool, and flavorful vape! The eliquid chamber for the original GT model holds a heaping 5ml, while it's XXL 26650 (30mm) counterpart allows for up to 8ml of eliquid, making it one of the largest eliquid capacity rebuildable tank atomizers on the market! This is one for those who love tight draws - comes with a 1.2mm airhole which can easily be modded to 1.5mm. Wick and wire sold separately. 

    18650 Style Dimensions: 3.33" x 0.91"
    26650 Style Dimensions: 3.33" x 1.18" 

    Was:  $44.95
    Sale price:  $23.95

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  6. Simeiyue God Mod 180 Watt - SMY God Mod 180W The Most Powerful Box Mod in the World!

    SMY God Mod 180W



    Supports (3) 18650 batteries.

    The Simeiyue God Mod 180 is a 510 threaded box mod with the capacity to house three 18650 batteries. This device is loaded with features such as variable voltage, variable wattage, passthrough functionality (charge while you vape!), TFT digital screen, massive sub-ohm software support and security/safety infrastructure.

    Please research the potential risks associated with sub-ohm vaping before using this product!  

    Simeiyue's God Mod is unmatched in it's power output, utility, unique design, and user-friendly functionality. The device comes stock with necessary charging cables. Batteries sold separately!

    Was:  $159.95
    Sale price:   $84.95

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  7. Aspire Atlantis - Sub Ohm Glassomizer

    Aspire Atlantis - Sub Ohm Glassomizer


    The Atlantis is a gorgeous new Sub Ohm glassomizerby Aspire!

    Composed of a durable stainless steel body with an extra strong, shatter-resistant pyrex glass e-liquid chamber, the Aspire Atlantis is a beautiful and contemporary next generation glassomizer. The Atlantis utilizes well-renowned Aspire BVC (bottom vertical coil) technology to produce massive, thick clouds of delicious vapor ambrosia. This innovative device has a built in airflow adjustment tool that allows the user to fine tune the device for ideal vapor production, no matter the liquid viscousity. Great for seeding clouds or stealth vapes! The steampunk-esque aesthetics of the Aspire Atlantis are sure to please and look great in any vaper's arsenal!

    Was:  $44.95
    Sale price:  $28.95

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  8. Kangertech Subtank - Kanger Glassomizer Sub Ohm

    Kanger Subtank - Sub Ohm Glassomizer


    The Kanger Subtank is a versatile new sub ohm glassomizer with multiple functionalities! The Subtank can be easily transformed from a tank system to a dripping style glassomizer!

    An advanced glass clearomizer with enhanced versatility over the competitors, boasting everything you need for either a style replaceable coil build, or an individual-rebuildable RTA style system. All of the necessary tools are included: mini screwdriver, cotton sheets, and the necessary interchangeable adaptors. The body is a durable stainless steel with clear pyrex glass windows. All parts are high quality, made by one of the best e-cig manufacturers on the planet: Kangertech. This is a must have if you're interested in trying rebuildables but don't always have the time to invest in setting coils and resetting wicks. 

    Was:  $45.95
    Sale price:  $26.95

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