how to unstick a reversing valve on a heat pump

This is one of the leading causes of compressor failure on heatpumps. Start the unit and let the pressures settle to normal. The unit was pumping and cooling at 3:30 P.M. It will not free up your reversing valve. I have a Goodman Heat Pump, model GSV130241BA, that I installed in my apartment last fall. A Quick overview of Reversing Valve on Heat Pump System. grayfurnaceman, who definitely knows his stuff, writes that he has never been able to unstick a stuck reversing valve. This is fairly easy to diagnose. This is a component that sits along your refrigerant line, and is responsible for switching the direction that the refrigerant flows through the lines within the heat pump. They are probably trying to get you purchase a new unit. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in … Without this valve, a heat pump would remain in one mode or the other. If it energizes and the valve … A pilot valve which controls the nose valve position threw systems pressures. I did measure the old cap and verified that it was bad (I repair tube amps as a hobby) Today, the fan motor will not start, although this time it is cool and not humming. The reversing valve should not get stuck in the middle of the valve during normal operation. I have heard from another dealer (technician) that there has been a problem with them ? Heres a tip and I tried this on my air source heat pump at home and it worked and the reversing valve has never stuck since . It is a little 1 1/2" cube thing that is mounted sorta crooked on the front of the unit. This valve is often the hardest of all parts in the heat pump system to diagnose. Rick should get accept for this. We are not allowed to recommend Service companies. A heat pump is a device designed for heating, cooling and dehumidifying. Put your gauges on or at least a high side gauge with a short hose and quick connect to prevent refrigerant loss. Those things almost never stick in the heat mode because the units are almost exclusivly used to cool, especially in Miami. We describe how a heat pump reversing valve works, how to find the reversing valve, and we include reversing valve troubleshooting advice and research articles. Service Application Manual SAM Chapter 620-87 Section 18 HOW TO DIAGNOSE AND CORRECT REVERSING VALVE PROBLEMS Ranco Controls The reversing valve is the same in either case. (Yes or No) Second: I check the reversing valve coil and found 24 volt going to it, it had 17.6 ohms. Call Kool Breeze, any time of the day or night, for the repair work necessary to restore your heat pump to full operation. Reversing Valves on Heat Pumps Definition, Location, Function, Repair. Heat Pump, General ; Do you know how to properly hook up power to the reversing valve? I have a 5 ton 10 seer goodman heat pump, still running fine. I have an orange wire going to a "O/B" terminal because it is a heat pump and the same terminal exists on the new thermostat, however the new thermostat has a jumper the original thermostat does not that is to tell the thermostat whether it is for an O reversing valve or a B reversing valve. I installed one it it ran good through the winter (4 month), and than the reversing stuck in the cooling mode. Just get … The unit started right up. I went to turn my cooling on for the first time only to find it was heating. A reversing valve can become stuck in a certain position, be it a mode or in-between modes, for a few reasons. Recovered refrigerant,cutting crimp out and putting splice in,removing old reversing valve and putting new one in place and changing liquid line drier. Bad reversing valve – If you have a heat pump not heating, but it works in cooling mode, you might have a bad reversing valve. The reversing valve on ours is in plain view. Sticking or jammed thermostatic expansion valves: in addition to debris, dirt, or icing problems that occur in TEVs or thermostatic expansion valves, sometimes the thermostatic expansion valve on brand new air conditioners may need an extra jolt to get it working, as we explain here. January 14, 2021 Danielle Wexler No Comments. The reversing valve works in a sliding mechanism; this allows the valve to change the directional flow of the refrigerant in the system, which is how your heat pump changes between modes. The new reversing valve had come in late morning and we went to work putting it on. Angella, this problem sounds like a wiring or thermostat problem to me. How a Heat Pump Reversing Valve Works. The heat pump is a 3ton unit with R410A and has a Copeland Ultha tech scroll compressor. They can fail 2 ways. Because many heat pumps can lose efficiency as outdoor temperatures fall below freezing, your system probably has a supplemental heat source – either electric resistance heating elements, or a gas or oil furnace. The reversing valve is the component of a heat pump system that determines whether the system runs in heating or cooling mode. They can stick in either the heat or cool position. Heat pump not heating The main components of every heat pumps are; compressor, evaporator, condensing coil, reversing valve, sensors, thermostats, fans and other, which can be found in this article. Turn off the unit at the T"stat,leave the indoor fan on. In this tip, Greg Brunts discusses the proper way to energize a heat pump reversing valve. This is a Goodman PHJ030-1A package heat pump. It puts all the Freon in the outdoor unit. Check if the solenoid will energize. I did not know that a heat pump … My problem is, now I don't want to use it as a heat pump anymore, so I took the coil wires from reversing valve, and put them right on the compressor contactor coil, by-pass the defrost board. Is there anyone out there that has had problems with reversing valve sticking on Amana heat pump? If the compressor was damaged while the system was running with the reversing valve stuck in the middle of the valve make sure that a new reversing valve is installed with the new compressor. The most common reason a heat pump would be stuck in cooling mode (or heating mode, for that matter) is due to a broken reversing valve. After some digging and verifying, I found that the reversing valve is stuck in the heating position. When call for heat the coil doesn't make any noise. He also explains under which conditions the reversing valve will be energized. This is a job for your local Carrier expert. It will also need to be replaced by a technician. Something to try: Tap the solenoid while power is applied. Broken reversing valve: As the name suggests, the reversing valve allows the heat pump to work as both a heater and an air conditioner by reversing the direction of the refrigerant. Weighed in 9lbs and 2ozs of R-22 and started it up. The reversing valve is controlled by a circuit board that initiates a reversing of the reversing valve and changes the outdoor coil to the hot coil for a short period to melt the ice. The mode in which the heat pump will operate is determined by which reversing valve tubes are piped to the inside and outside heat exchangers. The 4 way reversing valve are two valves in one, the nose valve which switches the refrigerant flow in the system. If the heat pump turns on when you want cool air, but not for heat, this is likely the cause. I have a Lennox heat pump, model HPXA12-024-230 Last week, the fan would not come on, when observed the motor was hot and was humming. First: question is will low freon stop the reversing valve from switching? I had seen this before; I keep a spare capacitor and changed it. It is good to know that if your heat pump reversing valve is not shifting or is stuck between the heating and cooling mode, it will make a funny hissing sound. It does no harm to the freon. The reason that a heat pump can switch between heating and cooling modes is a small part called the “reversing valve.” This is a four-way valve that sits in the refrigerant line, and directs the flow of refrigerant through the system. Danielle Wexler. If you feel your heat pump reverses to often or not enough there is an adjustment on the circuit board where it can be changed between 30, 60 and 90 minutes. There are three cycles or modes of the heat pumps; cooling, heating and defrosting. Price for changing reversing valve about 500 to 700 dollars depending on location. ? Our heat pump keeps making a strange noise and our dog will not stop barking at it. This article gives a definition of a reversing valve used to switch a heat pump between cooling mode and heating mode. Pumping down does no harm. The Reversing Valve. You already know problem. If you have a heat pump that either won’t give you heating or won’t give you cooling, the fault probably lies in the reversing valve. A Broken Reversing Valve.

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