reversing valve energized in heat or cool

B on the stat is reversing valve energized in heating mode. The reversing valve has two states, relaxed (unactivated) versus energized. It works fine in cooling. On my newer CrapAir unit, it appears the reversing valve is stuck. The reversing valve is energized when there is a call for heat Bad reversing valve – If you have a heat pump not heating, but it works in cooling mode, you might have a bad reversing valve. there should also be a setting in the menu telling it whether to energize reversing valve on heating or cooling. In most cases, the reversing valve is energized when running cool mode. In Figures 2 and 3, the pilot valve has been configured so that when the pilot valve is de-energized, the system is in the heating mode, and energizing the pilot valve the system is in cooling mode. The solenoid does not actually shift the main valve, it only shifts a much smaller pilot valve that then uses system pressure to shift the valve. So you should be able to check the wiring at the air handler. im considering buying a armstrong heat pump to add to my existing gas only furnace to make it dual fuel. Basically before heat pumps refrigerant flowed one direction. There should be no voltage at the O/B terminal with No Call for heat or cool. Because many heat pumps can lose efficiency as outdoor temperatures fall below freezing, your system probably has a supplemental heat source – either electric resistance heating elements, or a gas or oil furnace. This will energize the reversing valve to go into cooling. Reversing Valve Position Selects “O” or “B” Setting For Heat Pumps Only O O B 2 Fn Circulating Fan OFF Off/10% – 100% (5% increments) Please check your heating and cooling system manual or consult a professional HVAC technician if you do not know which option to select. Reversing Valve and Solenoid. The reversing valve is powered in AC mode. This determines whether you are going to heat or going to cool. If the valve breaks, the heat pump will be trapped in one mode or the other. (Tapping on the valve, making sure there was power to the valve, made sure that I was using the B terminal instead of the O terminal, etc.) If the Reversing Valve is energized on a call for heating, what Terminal on the Sub-Base must be used? A refrigerant reversing valve with an electromechanical solenoid coil is used to reverse refrigerant flow during unit operation (see Figure 10-14). Typical wiring diagram for heat pump with reversing valve energized in COOL TRANSFORMER Reversing Valve* B O RC JUMPER WIRE Compressor Contactor JUMPER WIRE * Reversing valve is energized when the system switch is in the COOL position Fan Relay Y RH 24 VAC 120 VAC Hot Neutral THERMOSTAT SYSTEM G W Figure 7. Coils: The condenser and evaporating coil heat or cool the air depending on the directional flow of refrigerant. Its easy to find out. 4-Way Reversing Valve with operating control used for heat pumps. This valve is specialized for heat pumps, and when issues arise with the reversing valve in your heat pump, there will be operational issues. Cool Low Pressure Gas. Either your system uses O or B, not both. I just installed a new Ruud heat pumps a couple of weeks ago. Professionals can sometimes repair the reversing valve, put will often need to replace it. 0 = cooling reversing valve, energized in cooling mode. Some units use energized reversing valve during cool and some de-energized. Welcome to the forums. In a heat pump, a reversing valve controls the direction of the flow of refrigerant. Refrigerant: The substance in the refrigeration lines that circulates through the indoor and outdoor unit. The main difference is that a heat pump can both heat and cool a home, whereas an air conditioner just cools a home. I have 2 units (0ne works well)and it appears that the switching valve is not operating. i have got a chance to get a great deal on a armstrong a-coil and heat pump. If the reversing valve is energized during this test, ... the suction gases can absorb heat from the wayward hot gas bleeding across the valve diminishing the amount of sensible heat rise across the valve. It needs another expansion valve, and it needs a reversing valve. Therefore, it is important the check the manufacturer's specifications of the heat pump system that you are using before you can do a proper connection to the thermostat. REVERSING VALVE ENERGIZED IN COOL MODE ONLY REQUIRED FOR HEAT PUMPAPPLICAITON REVERSING VALVE ENERGIZED IN HEAT MODE Basic Installation Single Stage Thermostats 1E78-144 Non-Programmable 1E78-151 Programmable For additional information visit: I have found that the reversing valve is energized on the cooling cycle, but also even if thermostat is set to off position valve is still energized. The selenoid energized.The other unit wired the same way working fine. An electrical connection from the thermostat controls whether the reversing valve is energized or de-energized. Wire it in and set the reversing valve to stay on cool cycle and never reverse to heat and viola. not all reversing valves energize in heating most do not. A wire (usually orange wired to “O” terminal on the heat pump thermostat) runs from the thermostat to the condenser, where the typical air to air heat pump has a reversing valve. HEAT PUMP SYSTEM: Configure the reversing valve for O (energized in cool) or B (energized in heat) and enable/ disable Emergency Heat and/or Auxiliary Heat. ... My Coleman 3700 THE 2.5 ton heat pump /ac will not switch to the cool mode. The heat pump can be designed by the manufacturer to produce either cooling or heating with the reversing valve … Your stat has no common. Video of a confirmed diagnosis of a 3-way reversing valve not cooling but heating ok.

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