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You will receive most of your invitations in October and November. If you are doing a sub-internship with them closer to the application deadline, it may be helpful to let them know that you are planning on asking them for a letter earlier on so that they can pay more attention to you and have the letter finished shortly after the sub-internship ends. The general surgery residency program was originally accredited in 1954. Our diverse clinical experience includes a high volume of complex operative cases with exposure to a large experienced faculty. Surgery is a small world, so when you’re off on the interview trail, it’s likely that many of your interviewers will know some of our Maryland faculty, but this tends to be specialty-specific. Additionally, ask them which programs they liked when they applied and how the program was at their medical school. Find information for applicants here. If you feel lost just ask any of the above people for advice. There may still be time to do a small project during your third year (particularly on lighter rotations) and have something submitted or even accepted by interview season. If you know you are ranking a program #1 then it may benefit you to email the program and let them know. If they do this, then make sure to send them! Programs have varying degrees of flexibility in terms of how many years you can do research, what degrees you can earn, and who will pay for your degrees/research. You can be polite and thank someone for the opportunity to interview and learn about their program without absolutely loving everyone you met and hoping for the chance to learn from them (if you get what we mean). It is the polite thing to do for your fellow applicants and future colleagues who may be looking for an interview at that program. Other programs have their own written application that you must submit. Finney Sr., MD, who was the first President of the American College of Surgeons. Chief Residents- PGY-5 (2021) Bryan Buckingham, MD ... University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). 22 S. Greene Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. It is required by most programs to have at least 2 (plus the Chair’s letter), and you can send up to three (plus the Chair's letter). The Sparrow/MSU General Surgery Residency Program is a five-year program that delivers residents with expansive training in surgery. Surgeons are busy. General surgery residency is as much about learning how to take care of patients as it is about learning to operate, so a resident who graduates with 1400 cases is not necessarily a better surgeon than one who graduates with 1100. Faculty impressions of different programs may be outdated so don’t let a faculty opinion ruin a program for you. “Busiest trauma center in the Northeast. The more people that know you, the more people that can vouch for you as a strong applicant and budding surgeon! Alert ... General Surgery Residency. Surgical Residency The Department of Surgery offers an ACGME approved five year residency program in General surgery that fulfills the training requirement for certification by the American Board of Surgery. Generally, you’ll have an orientation in the morning then several faculty interviews. Surgery is a relatively tight-knit community and people know the stars. We are tremendously proud of our department's accomplishments, and look forward to sharing some of them with you. 22 S. Greene St. Eighth Floor, Central Elevators Baltimore, MD 21201 Phone: 1-800-492-5538 (patients) or 1-800-373-4111 (physicians) General Surgery Residency Our Department provides a comprehensive learning experience to prepare our residents for practice in general surgery or further subspecialty training. Our program features rotations at three main hospitals: the University of Maryland Medical Center, the Baltimore VA Medical Center, and a private affiliate, Mercy Medical Center. Beyond that, do you have a preference regarding the geographic location of the program? General Surgeon (Thomasville, GA) Imtiaz Khan, MD. All Maryland medical school students are automatically guaranteed an interview for a categorical position. Be sure to ask the program what the policy is on research and whether they will provide funding. Some programs are more intense than others. We believe that strong leaders are well-rounded in all aspects of life. Programs which fund research may have clinical obligations (2-4 monthly shifts) or allow moonlighting during research years, if you ask about this on an interview, make sure to clarify that you are specifically asking about the research years (otherwise it can sound like you don’t think you’ll already be working the full 80-hour work weeks). Our outstanding and notable faculty are dedicated to surgical education, and we pride ourselves in creating confident and capable young surgeons who are able to tackle the rigorous and rewarding career ahead, with or without a fellowship. In the nearly 60 years since, we have made strides in surgical education as well as clinical medicine. Residency Training Letter from the Program Director. ... retreatment, management of emergencies, endodontics and surgery. Meet our Surgery residency program director and current residents in the Department of Surgery at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, many community programs have become hybrids that are now affiliated with universities. If you are in their top group of applicants, knowing that you are ranking them #1 will only help you. Recent Maryland graduates: While they are likely quite busy, they will often remember programs that stood out to them. Thank you for your interest in the University of Maryland general surgery residency program. That being said, don’t be a tease! Current residents in General Surgery at UMMC. Our current surgery residents will be presenting information and answering any questions about our training program that you may have. The OSA is comfortable helping students with this. It can be helpful to review your research before interviews, so that you are familiar with important details (like sample size, odds ratios, etc.). 22 S. Greene Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. They give great advice and can really help you out at all stages of the process! Send thank you notes to all your interviewers and maybe the Chair and Program Directors, especially if you are highly considering the program. Senior Medical Students: Ask us questions while we are still around! Otherwise, emails are appropriate. It’s a great place to ask questions to the residents and see if you will fit in there. Here at the University of Maryland Department of Neurosurgery, resident training is enriched through three tenets of success that guide this program. If all of your research is in Trauma, maybe do your sub-I’s in Surg Onc and MIS to get to know more faculty (and vice-versa). Be wary of using a letter of recommendation from an institution that is not your home school. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is the parent institution of the General Surgery Residency Training Program where residents spend 70% of their training time. Going to an academic program does not preclude you from going into a community-based practice, or vice versa, but doing residency in a community-based program may limit your fellowship prospects in the future. Do a sub-I that will interest you and is possibly in the area of surgery in which you are interested but here is a list of some good sub-internships and potential letter writers: Unlike other specialties, away electives are not a requirement for General Surgery, but they can be a great chance to learn a new hospital system or live in a new city. We are one of the country’s preeminent educational programs in general surgery. Other schools may or may not look favorably on this. Try to ask them in person and while you are working with them (like at the end of a sub-I) so you are fresh in their mind. Residents and Fellows: These are the people who have gone through the process most recently so they can give you a great up-to-date perspective on the whole process. Education is central to our mission, and we take that responsibility seriously. program is a fully accredited specialty training experience that is six years in length. Approach these people during the process and keep them involved. Deadlines for applying to the elective are usually six weeks before your desired start date. These are all important questions to ask while on the interview trail. Our general surgery residency program includes a substantial research component, with our residents pursuing a basic or clinical question for two full years at one of the renowned laboratories within our research institution. Seven PGY-1 residents are accepted into the categorical general surgery program each year, providing a non-pyramidal structure to the program. program is a CODA accredited advanced specialty training experience that is six years in length. Patient Care: Residents learn early to deliver the highest level of medical and neurosurgical care to our patients, many from our … Try to have a packet for each letter writer that contains: a copy of your CV, application, personal statement, transcript, and a list of programs. After their proposal is reviewed and accepted by the Department of Surgery Research Committee, residents begin their research year on July 1. Surgery Residency Program at the Department of Surgery in the University of Kansas Medical Center. The General Surgery Residency Program conducted by the Department of Surgery of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, is accredited by the ACGME (Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education) and is authorized for forty-seven resident positions by the RRC. Note: many faculty will only make phone calls on your behalf to your #1 program. There are >1,500 applicants in general surgery, so if it doesn’t seem to a program that you would actually venture that far away, they might not interview you unless you personally reach out! For more information please contact:Ilaria Caturegli, © University of Maryland School of Medicine, 655 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD 21201. Pre-Interview: This year, Dr. Gens and Dr. Buchanan did mock interview sessions to help us prepare. The University of Maryland’s Emergency Medicine Residency is committed to developing future academic and community leaders in emergency medicine. People you can always reach out to with questions are, Do at least one early on at UMMC/Shock Trauma (i.e., July or August). If you do it early enough, it may help get you a letter of recommendation from a surgeon who is not at your home school. Applying to a preliminary position at a program to which you are applying to categorical counts as 1 program. If you have a strong interest in a program, doing an elective may help, but bear in mind that a bad performance may hurt your chances as well. If you have already completed a research project, be able to talk about it intelligently. The University of Maryland General Surgery Residency Program invites current surgery applicants to virtual meet & greet sessions. It is likely that by this point you have developed relationships with the surgical faculty and perhaps have some mentors. There is only 1 application to fill out on ERAS. He established the residency at the Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore. Plan on getting 3 letters plus a Chair’s letter from Dr. Lau. All Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) residencies and fellowships are available through the Department of Surgery at the University of North Carolina Hospitals. An away rotation only helps/hurts you at that specific program. The University of Maryland's integrated Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency - M.D. When talking to a faculty member, they tend to know the best programs for their subdivisions. Also, simply not showing up reflects poorly both on you, your classmates who are also applying general surgery, and Maryland in general. Ask for letters in July, August, and September. Try to get at least a poster presentation or get published by the time you interview. Interview: Read up on the program prior to the interview so you are educated about why it is a good fit for you (you will likely be asked that). It is best to be known by a wide variety of faculty. This thorough research experience positions our graduates to attain competitive fellowships and become future leaders in the surgery. William R. Willard Medical Education Building, MN 150 - Lexington KY, USA 40536-0298 Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery, LSU New Orleans Will Steinhardt, MD. Most general surgery residents elect to do one year of clinical research between their third and fourth years of training. Make sure you only apply places you would actually spend the next five to seven years (or more) of your life. Consider too, how many places you want to apply, size of programs, locations, community vs. academic, strength of subspecialty at program. Our residency-training program embodies the best qualities of a university program combined with superb community based training. Our program began under the leadership of J.M.T. Academic vs. Community Programs: Are you interested in academic surgery or community practice? The Surgery Program at AAMC will train compassionate surgeons and leaders who will serve our community and understand the needs of population health. All Maryland medical school graduates are guaranteed a preliminary position if something were to go wrong in the match, this is your back-up. Sara Zettervall. Tell me about yourself. Most of the time during residency is spent at the University of Maryland Medical Center, which includes the world-famous R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, the division of transplantation, and of course, minimally invasive surgery, surgical oncology, and emergency general surgery. Current residents in General Surgery at UMMC. If you think you will end up specializing further, look at which sub-specialties and fellowship programs are represented by recent graduates. Welcome to the website of the general surgery residency at Loyola University Medical Center. We prepare our graduates to deliver the highest quality of care and lead innovations in the field. Find out as much as you can about a program by talking to residents and faculty; remember you are going to be at one place for 5-7 years so you better be happy there!

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