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we would love to hear from you directly, however before contacting us you might consider referencing the extensive list of our most frequently asked questions assembled below just for you.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a battery operated device operating as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. A battery is attached to a heating element which feeds directly off of a cartridge containing a liquid compound composed of either a Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin base, flavoring agents and most often with an option for nicotine.

How do I decide which nicotine strength is right for me?

We always recommend you shoot low and decide after trying a lower nicotine strength whether or not you should move up in nicotine. Our base recommendation is the “Low – 5mg” strength for anyone new to vaping, if you’re using a sub ohm setup it might be best to commit to the “Sub – 2.5mg” strength.

How do I refill my cartridge?

This question is a bit more complex now than it was a year ago with the advent of new liquid feeding systems, so we’ll cover the two liquid feeding systems we offer here at The Vapor Station. For models utilizing the tank cartridge system, simply fill the tank chamber with liquid and attach it to the tank atomizer. Simply enough. For the direct cartridge feed system, fill the cartridge cavity with liquid until the polyester filling is completely saturated. Do not over fill for risk of flooding your atomizer. It is also highly recommended you prime your atomizer by dropping one drop directly on the atomizer mesh in standard cartridges in order to keep them from overheating, as well as a means of ensuring you are receiving optimal vapor production. With the advent of self-feeding atomization, the most common method for refilling is top-fill or bottom-fill and generally requires unscrewing or unhinging a part of the tank body to gain access to the filling area, which can either be a dedicated slot or hole built into the device for the specific purpose of refilling, or by dripping liquid directly into the tank cavity itself. Most glassomizer and RTA setups have user manuals included which might assist further.

What is the base ratio of your liquids?

Most of our flavors have a standard blend base ratio which varies between 70/30 or 60/40 VG/PG. We also offer 100% VG or MAX VG Blends on select flavors.

What is the difference between the atomizer, cartridge, tank, and battery?

The atomizer is a metal heating element or coil which vaporizes e-liquid into, well, vapor. The 510 atomizer has a male thread, the 808 atomizer has a female thread. The battery is the long cylinder that screws into the atomizer. Most batteries have an LED light on the end that glows when the battery is activated. The 510 and eGo battery have a female thread, the 808 battery has a male thread. The cartridge is usually a plastic bit that stores the liquid and feeds the liquid to the atomizer. The tank is the reservoir you fill with e-liquid to feed liquid directly into the atomizer.

What is the difference between Manual batteries and Automatic batteries?

This question is a bit dated as virtually all batteries and mods are manually activated these days. Manual batteries have a button that activate the device. Automatic batteries are activated by drawing on the end of the device.

What is the difference between Sub Ohm (-Ω), Low Resistance (LR), and Standard Resistance (SR) atomizers?

Sub Ohm vaping is becoming increasingly popular as electronic cigarette technology advances. Sub Ohm atomizers, coils, and coil head replacements operate at less than 1 ohm, which allows liquid surrounding specially designed coils to heat up very quickly. Low resistance atomizers have a lower Ohms rating ( which creates a warmer, denser vaper at the expense of atomizer lifespan. Standard resistance atomizers have a higher Ohms rating which creates a cooler, thinner vaper but maintains the optimal integrity of an atomizers lifespan. Both SR and LR atomizers have their perks, and really depend on personal preference. Our advice? Try both and see which you like the most!

What is the difference between PG (Propylene Glycol) based liquids and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) based liquids?

Most of our e-liquid products are what we refer to as our “standard blend” unless otherwise notated with a “(VG)” marker preceding the liquid strength, or by allowing selection of liquid base ratio via drop-down menu. Our standard blend is generally composed of a ratio between (PG/VG) 60/40 and 70/30. Vegetable Glycerin liquids are a lot thicker than Propylene Glycol liquids, and tend to produce a denser, more satisfying vapor. It is not recommended you attempt using VG liquids with classic cartridge feed systems. Propylene Glycol liquids are far less viscous than VG liquids and tend to be a bit sweeter as well. Some people have PG allergies or PG sensitivity. We offer VG alternatives, but can not guarantee they are PG-free.

I want a flavor that tastes more like the real thing. Which flavors are tobacco based?

Frisco – Tobacco flavor
Phoenix – Tobacco flavor
RY4 – Tobacco flavor
Seattle – Tobacco flavor (menthol)
Frost – Tobacco flavor (menthol)
Tampa – Tobacco flavor
Texas – Tobacco flavor
Tennessee – Tobacco flavor
VS4 – Tobacco flavor
Dover – Tobacco flavor
Imperial – Tobacco flavor
Damascus – Tobacco flavor

The rest are fairly self-explanatory. All other flavors are either fruit or dessert style flavors.

I have other questions not listed in the FAQ section. What should I do?

Skype us, Facebook us, Tweet, us, Calls us, E-mail us, or open a Contact Ticket. All contact information is displayed on the Contact page. We absolutely love helping anyone out, whether they decide to shop with us or not. So don’t hesitate to drop us a line!