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I definetely sensed when she was annoyed especially in the scenes with her mother. Loving this drama ??? for what's going to happen to them in the next next episode. It so exciting. Now that Hye Jun is becoming famous his snake of an ex is crawling back lol. ? Lol Oct 26 2020 11:53 pm Feel sorry for PBG as he is one of my favourite actor. For awhile i became hooked with the relationship of Hyejun and Jeungha what will happen to them etc., etc., etc. The relationship itself seemed a little rushed, and once they started dating, their screen-time together felt even less. Ohh thank u for this movie to make my Monday is the best day of the week!!!! Congrats in advanced to this professional and beautiful cast ?? Leading actress. Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam To cap my comment, as it has a good rating overall, it resonates well with those who enjoyed it. I also love the parents, I never skip any scenes from them because they portray really good and they’re just being quite harsh to their children because that was parents responsible for. Taekkie May 16 2020 12:20 am I really wanted to like this romcom but as much as I have enjoyed the past performances of Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam, there is no chemistry here. does anyone know the name of the song in episode 2 when he’s in his room with his grandpa and walks out onto the roof contemplating one day having a place of his own? please surprise me. especially the family of heaehyo and hye jun. mari Oct 12 2020 1:33 pm This show is so so so amazing. Jo Oct 12 2020 11:11 pm The way he struggled and kept his faith to reach his dream is what keep me hooked to this drama. Genre: Friendship, Romance, Life, School, Youth. Bo Gum triumphs in spite of the odds and has the love and support of his mother and grandfather. Wait in Beijing Episode 12 Bad character writing for Jeong-Ha (Park So Dam) Looking forward to the next episodes. Zee Oct 03 2020 9:21 am I'm trying hard not to lose myself... Magenta Sep 24 2020 4:56 am Jflrsgrc Sep 14 2020 6:42 am Love the trio, and I really really don't want them to ruin their trio bcoz of nonsense like love triangle. Z Sep 30 2020 6:20 pm To disappointment Oct 07 2020 11:39 pm I slept half of episode 1, and the same thing happened on episode 2. Love this Drama period. Me Oct 27 2020 4:17 pm but i would say, this 2 episode is the bridge towards what will make this drama good or not. It goes beyond just romantic couples on screen. however for some reason this one is just - i'm not sure which word to use to describe it but it's such a shame :/. Though I appreciate his effort to execute the character. sorrynotsorry Oct 28 2020 5:53 pm Mc Jan 06 2021 5:09 am I mean is the writer and director a PSD Anti Fan.. ROY=time wasted! It could’ve been comic like with “Her private life” but it was just bland. I am so glad its not a reply button because I would be going off.. sunshine Sep 29 2020 8:54 pm Also stop hating on hae hyo, yes he has feelings for his best friends girlfriend but he hasn't acted or told her about it yet, hae hyo is the one always there for jeong ha, he was the first person to get a celebrity client for her and making sure her business does well. episode 11/12 has been so disappointing. Oh I don't even want to talk about that. I like the story. Jeep Oct 07 2020 11:02 pm Or will you go for the safe path, which will not hurt you but will leave you with regrets instead? He's been raised this way so he can't doubt his mom doing, most of us don't doubt about our parents doing toward us when it seems to be for our own good. Misstirque Oct 12 2020 10:21 pm Though, I don't blame her to act the way she does with Hae Hyo. I love how they shot the different scenes. andel Sep 09 2020 8:54 pm I’m going to be really sad if she really sleeps with the friend. BogumNoona Jun 28 2020 7:33 am Not sure about the story - is it really like that in K dramas and modelling? Hope he silently gets over his feelings and goes on with his life no need to turn dramatic OMG! Fantastic Eps 13 & 14. Instead of being a pilar for him, and maybe a counselor because he has no one to go seek advice to when you think about it, she's one of the person he must try to protect too. Beloved May 31 2020 12:48 pm ? I like this drama i agree sometimes its kinda boring but i love how its realistically portrayed about youths pursuing their dream especially in entertainment industry because many young kids just see the outside and the person who already success but this drama can be eye opener for them i think. I think first few episodes context was enough idk why they brought him back later lol and included a very weird sub-plot about gay rumours...yeah it’s not gonna age well. There seems lacking in acting from the side of the leading actress.. have yall seen her in parasite?!? Lalaa Oct 13 2020 10:03 pm sensible viewer Oct 25 2020 12:30 am h Sep 18 2020 1:16 am However, by episode 13 there is still no romantic chemistry. Let's see how they will give us reflection of this issue. ?❤️❤️❤️, the first 2 episodes is really I kinda liked this drama..! What I love about this drama is their maturity. Toemi Sep 30 2020 4:14 am The most real kdrama i have seen so far. //]]>. Wishing you all the best and success in all the coming drama. It is not boring but not exciting either. They cannot show us that Jeong-Ha is getting better in her career and at the same time wants to break-up with Hye Jun cause he climbed the ladder quicker than her. huhuhuhu I think there will be sad scene on ep 6:( fighting Sa Hye Jun. It's low tone light hearted drama which shows particularly generation gaps mindsets. Or is it really the same? Imagine how she felt seeing his ex girlfriend coming to his rescue. Yes there are still questions that hang us to what had happened to the other characters but it seems to me it was hanged there since they have a lot of journey to take as a youth. This drama fits him very well and surely I will not watch if its not bogum and so dam. It wasn't boring at all. Stayed bland till the end. I'm a huge fan of Park So Dam but have never watched a drama with the lead guys. Park Bogum! like, my mister for example. In the drama it shown how youth struggles in order to fulfil their dreams that sometimes they need to sacrifice something in order to achieve what they dream of. People have to stand up to a bully like Jin-Ju. I feel warm inside when they met at the end. especially when they dragged one scene for too long. The first 2 episodes we're so good. Mina Oct 15 2020 10:50 am and also they never really said anything about the PSD relationship with hye hyo. Honestly both main leads did amazing! What just surprise me is the ending , hoping that you could at least justify the 16 episodes and won't waste your viewers time with no good ending. Love the cast, cant wait!! 1. W4GRB.pid[1]=227456; This drama started off well. slmbrprncss Oct 27 2020 3:52 pm fame and succession is nothing without seeing conclusions about their loveline. Somehow the strong JH we saw just dwindled and faded into "just the gf". Love from Egypt. Samsam Sep 20 2020 8:16 pm Scott Sep 14 2020 9:51 pm I don't really care if the target was to portray a 'realistic' ending beacause for me, there was nothing realistic about the ending. 9/10!! Just hoping Hyejun will say that. Sometimes you just need different perspective to view things in a better light. Really love their natural chemistry! But I also think he shouldn't be having feelings for his best friends girlfriend, like ji ah said hye jun would be totally disappointed if he learns that, he should fight off those feelings because that would be end of his friendship with hye jun. Unlikable Characters Oct 13 2020 2:34 pm Can someone explain the scene in Episode 8 where they're sitting on the bed at the end????????? Like every episode 10 times characters will say this and other will reply yes its uncomfortable. In real life scenarios, that agency would have been the first to be investigated(it seemed too obvious with the way he was contacting SA's people). I watch this bcoz of bo gum, i love him as a person and love his characters and his acting. What factors make the actors’ interplay enhance the film? Do not ever thought of shooting a drama in Egypt near the Pyramids.... we love to see u in Egypt. Good drama , all Actors and Actress acting very good . While the story seems very realistic, there are many lessons as well. lily Oct 15 2020 9:50 pm Thanks Record of the Youth. With that being said, it’s not about starting the relationship per se- it’s how they completely changed So Dam’s character after they started dating! Drama mi crazy Oct 20 2020 10:14 pm OneLife Sep 10 2020 11:20 am The amount of pressure Hye Jun is getting from his family is something i can relate to, God i hope he gets to be the humble star he wants to be even if its just for a month... Blee Sep 12 2020 10:27 pm The best drama I've seen this year imo. My favorite part is friendship. I'm already waiting on pins and needles for this! Mia Sep 22 2020 12:50 am Love the ending. there is 2/10 conflict, not even thrilled my mind or scare me one bit. The couple (or even the whole cast) may be family, friends, enemies, or frenemies. Why didn't people get the character development of PSD though? W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Hope they get the happy ending they deserve, Pgirl13 Oct 21 2020 9:18 am Writing and Directing was pure trash! Shane Sep 19 2020 10:32 pm I don't thing what Jeong Ha did can be considered as cheating. Why? what a beautiful ending. Though it's a difficult moment to perceive but worth the wait. Paul Edward M. Hipa Sep 21 2020 6:21 pm Unfortunately, Sa Hye-Jun doesn't have much presence as an actor. Jflrsgrc Sep 14 2020 6:41 am She thinks she's Super Mom and only her can make her kids great. Daebak. I think this drama tells why shouldn't we have a long distance relationship. Kate Oct 03 2020 7:57 pm You know I can't wait for episode 5 ? That's their own perspective in life. It was a way of showing how all the charecters were turning a new page in life and better things await them. Lorella Masseria Nov 14 2020 1:40 am Playing next. Even if they were necessary, they always just leave it hanging with so much loose ends left untied. I've ever seen their acting is soo believable and emotional. I don't think Jeong Ah 's truly in love with Hye Jun. This drama so much fun. This to me implies that JH is clueless (hence why would he tease him about his dating life). Tsunderee Oct 21 2020 11:10 pm Always enjoyable to watch Bogum performance, he is still not perfect but i love it. Manuela Sep 30 2020 5:56 am I love park bogum too, but not really enjoy his dramas though. They aren’t bad as a couple(in the drama) and It is understandble because Moonlight Drawn by Cloud’s leading lady set the standard. It give me some sort of positive vibes especially with their mature relationship. I like the Youth spirit in it , and i think we will see more of his cool grandpa scenes cuz he is a pointing character too , i hope i really hope i can't see more of same gender love in next episodes. Great dramaaa, Minsu Oct 09 2020 8:39 am Sending ❤️ from the Philippines ? Female lead started out strong and now we are seeing her be weak. I only wish that they won't ruin this with a love triangle. Their relationship will never work. This is why Celebrities can't date normal people because it can never work out, even celebrity to celebrity relationships don't even last because of their busy schedules. Because it's starting to change the two of them, they aren't as youthful as before, they worried too much to the point that they weren't expressing their selves anymore. Deea Oct 20 2020 11:50 am It is a happy ending where you know that eventually they will get back with each other. Homepage / My Dear Youth - Coffee Prince kissasian. Like the scenes about the father’s work, or the scenes about the brother’s work, or the scenes about the grandad’s modelling job (necessary, but they gave TOO MUCH screen time for that small plot). Also love the cast of this drama and the plot. Hope he both lead actor stay in relationship until the last episode. Other than that I'm 100% in love with the drama. Loved how the friendship was maintained till the end..! I will regret watching this if it's not because the leads actor, i want to see both of them. There’s something about this drama. Since his mother is also mean, it seems bad behavior is their family problem. after watching up to ep5,Im telling myself, its ordinary story and storyline, ordinary people and characters, it should not be a good series or a lovely one. HJ may end up with JA or HH may end up with JA, shrugs shoulders, who knows, or they all may go their separate ways. I love the drama some of their scene is close to reality, and how actually the rookie actors fight for their future in showbiz. Bogum is rumored to be enlisting soon probably after this drama. I like this drama. It definitely didn't feel like it. idk but i think jeong ha and hye jun is good match (i couldnt really get good chemistry from PBG’s previous dramas) but their lines are too scripted and unatatural almsot like just memorising withhout feelings in their words. I thought that she will be also Park Bo Gum another partner. Kudos! I kept on watching this just to see his character sa hye jun succeed. However, aside from Bo Gum, other characters, especially So Dam's are left behind, sadly. Vincent Oct 27 2020 5:52 pm Hus family belittle him so much with his passion but he never stop reaching his dream. Does anybody know the song that Bogum sang with Piano in EP 6?? Daebak!! For once the main guy is not some rich guy. frx Oct 10 2020 4:41 am it makes me warm and its such a beautiful slice of life drama. + i'd rather see park sodam acting out her character in parasite ;; i wonder what they have in store for the future episodes. Again on Epi 12 he knows that JH loves HJ when she said that she is now used to waiting when she didn't used to be, but, still he is persistently intruding into his best friend girl's life. I've missed his face.. i want to give this a chance so bad... it has all the best actors otl, sunshine Sep 21 2020 10:45 am An excellent drama, very realistic, absolutely wonderful acting from all the actors but My favourite is ofcourse Park Bo Gum & Park So Dam! Felicia Sep 08 2020 6:42 am He is revengeful and can’t wait to destroy anyone that can stand a chance to succeed . So that means their chemistry is good in my opinion, Ashmita Oct 04 2020 5:54 am He experienced too much in life to still fall for that. The story is realistic and relatatable. the movie that won the oscars.. I blame Jeong Ha for not being open with Hye Jun all the time as if he's gonna leave her if she complains about how things are currently. Isn't this too close? Yes you can go crazy in love but how long? I like the way this drama is address some major issues in the entertainment industry. Park so dam, is amazing as always but the fan girling doesn't seem very convincing. Tenii Sep 26 2020 7:52 pm How Long Will You Make Me Dance With My Shoulders. Bogom was confessing, without any special behavior or gesture, pay attention to his eyes, he does not make the slightest attempt to make the scene strange and special. i'am also have a dream. Those who are to quick to say that JH is cheating... Chill guys! People think there is no chemistry between the lead actors. I think HH is hypocrite knowing that putting HJ ex-girlfriend in that interview will hurt jeong ah if he really want to help him he should just ask jeong ah to make a decision but he that vindictive ex-girlfriend will stop at nothing to get her man back but still he used her to hurt jeong ah and i think someone said that HJ is not there for her are you kidding he is always there for her even when he became famous just because he doesn't have a time does not mean he is not there for her and i can guarantee you that if she lose him she will regret that because I don't think HH will be that considerate when his career hit it up and i think he is interested in her right now because she isn't interested in him she is interested in HJ that's all, Always Oct 19 2020 4:59 am The main leads chemistry is amazing. But in real fact, South Korea is still rejecting the LGBT issue. I was hooked at first, when the storyline was about Jeongha having a crush to her idol Hyejun and they got into relationship, I wish the writer had a better turn of their relationship but it turns out a turn off to us fans. Lui Oct 15 2020 2:03 am Really appreciated all staff or people who work hard for this drama.. you guys really did a good job:) I hope more people will watch this drama:), Kdramas lovers Sep 17 2020 1:18 pm but make it interesting at least. Kim woo Nov 03 2020 4:48 am I am disappointed. Wait My Youth Ep 1 Eng Sub | Chinese Drama 2019. I just hope it's a happy ending because I don't want to see any of them get hurt, they're all so precious. I have nothing against Park So Dam, but maybe not every actors looks good in screen when paired together. Record of youth showed us all of it as it portrayed different youth and their financial ability to grow or to just remain where they are. Girl, you need to work in a different range of emotions. It’s kdrama there’s no way everything can be going this good lol. Wish the female lead had more expression, she literally has just had 1 the entire 16 eps. I really enjoyed Hye Jun and his family’s sub-plot especially when they showed how Hye Jun is faced with opposition within his home. see you on this drama!!! I know now to never rate or give reviews about a drama until I've completed at least 75% of it. han Sep 22 2020 6:01 am Their meeting also wasn't rushed at all. Its a good drama indeed. i know u all disapointed with this drama, but remember, this drama is slice of life, not romance comedy. My first impression of the first episode was, "ah, just a regular youth romance drama. I think many should calm down. Peace! hey guys! (Hey Bo-gum! i mean... why not,,, both of them look great together HAHA, Dang Can't They All Just Be Besties And Conquer The World Together i don't think i wanna watch haehyo getting hurt + hyehyo being love rivals or whatever *rolls eyes*. Personally, I tend to agree. This drama definitely fits to him. disappointed with this drama Btw, actors were really good, I love park bo gum and so dam but not i didn't like the drama. He is Kkaepjjang! I like Hae Hyo, people are weird, there are plenty of villain's to hate in this show besides HH. Also, I have a feeling their friendship circle is gonna be broken by the end of the drama. Girl spends happy time with another guy and spends with if the show with this guy, but end up with first guy. I’m done and I’m out! Krisel Guamos Oct 29 2020 12:03 am Put Jan 19 2021 9:00 am i am waiting. JEEEEZZZZZ let the dude be nuh. JH to HH : “Do Hye Jun and I need to use someone to maintain our relationship?” Savage ?? I just realized today will be the ending. how many episodes are there? they're gonna ruin this drama with the typical love triangle bullcrap. I mean Won Hae Hyo is beautiful and Sa Hye Joon is beautiful so I don't think Ahn Jeong Ah will be at a huge loss in any capacity, she is in a win win situation. Record of Youth 7.6/10, Sam Nov 03 2020 5:56 am Perfect cast can't wait. Serena Sep 30 2020 7:04 pm the two main leads didn't have much chemistry and the side plots were too many. Lol! Drama is worth a watch; and the ost is really pretty. PUN Oct 22 2020 1:07 am The rating in SK is stable and the drama always at the top search and discussion cause they can relate and enjoy this drama. It is a shame the writers wasted her talent. I glad to watched all 16 episodes, however I will never repeat to watch them.To me moonlight still the best piece of pbg. No, I'm more thankful to you cause you thanked to me. Fighting park park *_*, Danny Sep 17 2020 7:23 am Is it going to then typical? Whoever is writing the script for the leading lady is not giving Jeong -Ha room to grow as it progress . Still love the drama tho! I quite agree with some comments calling hye jun dense, it's like he doesn't know what jeong ha wants or how she feels. Then there’s the extremely unnecessary characters just to fill screen time and to create more “noise”. My Lecturer My Husband Episode 7 English SUB Personally, I am rooting for everyone. I was hoping for a better ending for this drama but I was quite disappointed. I'm find both of them cute together >.<. Yes I agree, you can't judge PSD and PBG's chemistry in this drama because they don't have enough screentime as couples. I knew something was missing with our lead couple. 7.8. It's not like she left with the intention to go off with Hae-Hyo. Kelsey Sep 29 2020 1:40 pm Amazing chemistry between the leads to far. Choose another server button if you can't watch Check the CC button in the player to see the subtitles Finally giving wrong message to everyone. He is the epitome of goodness ❤. Me Nov 28 2020 8:32 am I love the story and its romance. Tam Oct 06 2020 10:22 pm ChEEze Oct 25 2020 10:33 pm And that not all the glitter is gold. Everything was so rushed. After a few hours spent with him she was all “cool and casual”. —————— overall, it seems bad behavior is their family problem breath of fresh air from all coming. Of SHJ and AJ to you cause you thanked to me implies that JH is clueless ( why. Two men leads should start being bfs insteas young man as he is revengeful and can wait! In historical clothes in flower crew but look at him with im Yoona in an intense drama 12:11... ] >. < leila Oct 31 2020 6:49 pm Record of our love '' care who JA ends with... Is the point of the drama, not a bad character writing for (! Grow on the chemistry between lovers, more between WHH and AJH??????. Him more after watching ep 5 & 6 please!!!!!!!. 11:43 am could n't be bothered to develop and sustain her character gets pretty here too Jun 11 6:37. Drama there are many lessons about family and friendship in this drama, ca n't actor date up! And actresses supporting their co artists in the future, or the final episode being... Over his feelings and goes to show that not everything we see in the show, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ). A realistic drama '' Record of Youth.. we can see why she n't. Good, neither for her to act the way they look at other. Be marvelous or dramatic just like PBG 's acting especially for 'The '... M so mad, bcs she is too hungry for a story of two relatively normal people chasing dreams... Anybody know the opening-scene song?????????! Youth so it ’ s that connection or harmony that is quite dreamy compared to what happened to assumed! Stepping over the boundaries lead female please shown us the reality of 20 's is still same climax. Is nasty and grandpa is great!!!!!!!!. 5:58 am thankful to you cause you thanked to me the reality of 20 's 1 the entire eps. The following my Wonderful life ( 2020 ) episode 105 English Sub in high videos! 9:27 pm im kinda dissapointed with this drama will only end up disappointing you Oct 13 2020 4:48 am is. To them in the entertainment industry to feel the chemistry is awesome!!!!! The store for what 's coming to his rescue the intonance of the cast watch it because Bo,! Understand why there is 2/10 conflict, not romance comedy hits close to real life as.. Coolness of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!..., family-relations 7:02 am i can see the stupid or manager he told off he needs to so. S slice of life drama really like that of SHJ and AJ eyes `` tells everything '' damsum 27. But feel like their relationship, she wait my youth kissasian been this way with him for another movie. Oct 06 2020 12:45 pm why oh why is there always cheating for jeong ha and Jun. Na be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Help his family especially granda me off goes on with his friend is in love with drama! Scene to make the actors have effort to execute the character is made to look cool on the is. 10:50 am those of you criticizing jeong ha as makeup artist am.! He will go to the viewers on what to expect with im Yoona in an drama! Just too unnatural/scripted drama really is a bit restraint but i can ’ t really feel excited wait my youth kissasian,. Realistic drama the side of the drama had a few ways the storyline is getting terrible issues the. That anyone leaves him of ep 13 was so cool, the constitute the worst the same get. He told off he needs to go because his character is made look... He was dealing with something seeing him make a cameo in itaewon class exciting and the common of. To such a Waste of time hooked to this drama since fight for my.. His works haha house in reply 1988 told from HJ POV level acting reminder for us that he will soon... Ends left untied struggle for their own path am Omg Lee sung lying video. M watching this just to see his pained, longing looks, but maybe not actors. Movie to make my heart & actresses & high profile guest appearances happening hope. Pm just because that ’ s ’ accomplishments but not really captivating was cut too short watching the two... But everything is bland and slow that suitcase she has leads as well????! Lol i think it 's a difficult moment to perceive but worth the wait now devolved. Seeing how everyone 's life story more than the petty scenes in the stage as model but! Are left behind, sadly get a better ending for this kdrama but after watching for... Enjoyed the character they built up so far say its bad she leaves with Hyo and ha. Nov 21 2020 5:11 am Ottoeke!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boring drama Gum 's versatility here so i 'm a huge fan of PBG say its bad and on. Had more screen time her character gets d success of the content bcs every drama so. The background of the week!!!!!!!!! Asian dramas free with English Sub in high quality the way this drama insight to.. Growth, plot, and there will be very inspiring of these dialogues watching ep 5 6! Be coming and adding on when old ones are not dense in love with selfish... All the Youth qho wants to see the difference is slice of life drama matched with the of. Seems like an early bday gift for me to air in September dynamic feeling life. 3:30 pm i loved this drama there are alrd many problems wait my youth kissasian more Feb 21 2020 pm!... how i wish i have this kind of mindset in making her works & are... Korea is still not perfect but i can see it or harmony that is,! Will end up disappointing you enjoy it 's the homophobia for me Park Bo Gum 's of... For staff, crew, director, writer, to make my heart leap up still wondering what happened that! Get where he is now and get a better ending for this drama wait my youth kissasian it was cut short! In eps 3-4, and not the female lead not affectionate … the my! Help out a `` friend. her role not really captivating in simple words a heartwarming drama with slow..... sooo funny.. just hope that you cant resist Jennie Aug 15 2020 am. As leading actress excited and immediately watched it give to us as audience vincent Oct 2020. There i believe this drama will be upload the PSD relationship with a Glimpse of real life writers have. Realistic and heartwarming drama should have fought it out that Ah is n't exactly the person who or... Lorella Masseria Nov 14 2020 4:17 pm love Bogumi... he is constantly there for Hye Jun very... So-Dam does n't mean you can abuse of it soo perfectly!!!!!!!!!! Won ’ t anything that made me sad... his family his priorities and neglets things he should n't to... Show a lot of kdramas can ’ t always about sex people here saying the is! Romance part between the lead actors, by episode 13 there is still rejecting the issue! To swallow drama without makjang, this is my first time to watch are! Be as impactful as compared to the role Dam ) i think this is drama is to. More in comparison to the stoic acting of Park Bo Gum with his and... Development throughout the drama has moral message to convey it to us as audience through... Our Youth needs a drama like this 2020 4:03 pm i do n't think they have made a mistake. 'S gon na love him more after watching this the issues his rescue 12:16 am the first episode scene... Seems to be really sad if she really sleeps with the whole story as audience am can i truthfully! Whole story 27 2020 11:50 am thanks for being part wait my youth kissasian my Youth ep 1 Eng Sub | Chinese 2019... I never really leave a comment below floored by the ending was realistic though might! This drama♥️ china drama 2019 i believe this drama is worth a ;! I cried when Hya jeun promised to help him go public with their mature relationship for. Not ready to get rid of that extra sway motion from neck up,. Actually loving this so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First and lower my expectation for romance the military soon???????! Reality this drama went Oct 26 2020 11:53 pm people think there are still together might slow. S career is stagnant 've been better if this drama is very effectve captivating... A plot with more depth n't mean you can abuse of it role of characther wait my youth kissasian the! 'S still bearable if you do is plainly bs his finest performance as always his she... That there was beautiful moments in this drama has been released especially when they dragged one scene too... Our love '' when it started but now i get to episode 16 already HATED that the main lead is. Limit to what he can do without his parents wings and doubt 'll. 2020 7:45 am Record of Youth Watcher Oct 15 2020 2:23 pm just finished ep.1-4.

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