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eGo-T Type A Atomizer - Stainless steel

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eGo-T Tank Atomizer

The Vapor Station offers 2 varieties of eGo-T Tank Atomizers, and both varieties are available in either Standard resistance or Low resistance. Type B Tank Atomizers allow for Type B Tank Cartridges, which hold a larger capacity of juice than the Type A counterpart, but also sacrificing the sleek appearance you might associate with the Ego. Type A Tank Atomizers also boast the tank engine with a modest load capacity while keeping the appearance of the original eGo model with the cone attachment. Both atomizers types are solid, reliable and each option has its perks!

If you aren't familiar with the tank system, it's very, very unique. Instead of loading liquid by dripping into the polyester stuffing of old school cartridges, you fill a new "tube-style" cartridge that feeds liquid straight to the atomizer. It's more efficient, and has many benefits, but of course there are some downsides as well. VG is nigh impossible to load in a Tank as it's simply too viscous to feed into the atomizing chamber. There are also some inconsistency issues with saturation and vapor production, but the general consensus seems to be it's well worth it in the end. With that, we'll leave it to you!

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