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MNKE IMR Orange - 1500mAh 20A - Ecig Mod Battery APV

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MNKE IMR 18650 Battery - 1500mAh 20A

18650 style battery for your electronic cigarette mods! Composition, power and mAh may change from batch to batch, but all batteries will be secured. IMR chemistry, 1500mAh capacity, 20 Amp. Please familiarize yourself with the risks of lithium ion technology, as well as the potential issues that may arise when stacking batteries.

Sub-ohm capability: Acceptable

Weight:  1.52 oz.
Capacity:  1500mAh (varies)
Make:  MNKE
Color:  Orange
Protected: No
Chemistry: IMR - Li-MnO2

Regular Price: $12.95

Special Price: $5.95

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