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The impact of this was so intense that the seismograph at Kidderpore registered it as an earthquake and a Hindu temple on the shore was destroyed, although it was subsequently rebuilt. The bridge was designed by one Mr. Walton of M/s Rendel, Palmer & Triton. [13], The entire project cost ₹25 million (£2,463,887). [9] In 1946, a census of the daily traffic was taken, which counted 27,400 vehicles, 121,100 pedestrians and 2,997 cattle. In the end just 3000 tonnes of the 26,500 required to complete the structure were supplied by Britain. [8], The bridge does not have nuts and bolts,[10][17] but was formed by riveting the whole structure. The size of the monolith was 55.35 m x 24.85 m with 21 dredging shafts each 6.25 m square. Howrah (alternatively spelled Haora [citation needed]) is a metropolitan city within Howrah district, in the Indian state of West Bengal.It is the headquarters of the Howrah Sadar subdivision.Howrah is located on the western bank of the Hooghly River.It is a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA). The caissons were so designed that the working chambers within the shafts could be temporarily enclosed by steel diaphragms to allow work under compressed air if required. Depth of Wells: Swedish Cozy, comfortable, pleasant, agreeable. Find Howrah Bridge West Bengal India Hand stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Bullock carts formed the eight - thirteenths of the vehicular traffic (as observed on 27 August 1906, the heaviest day's traffic observed in the port of Commissioners 16 days' Census of the vehicular traffic across the existing bridge). They included working chambers within the shafts which could be temporarily enclosed by steel diaphragms to allow work under compressed air if required. Find Howrah Bridge Kolkata City West Bengal stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. The Howrah Bridge is also thought to be the world’s busiest cantilever bridge. These joints divide the bridge into segments with vertical pin connection between them to facilitate rotational movements of the deck. More from This Artist Similar Designs. $32. Banks of Ganges Varanasi India Drawing. $18. It has a central span of 1500ft between the main towers. Rakesh lives with his brother, Madan, and his dad in Rangoon. Howrah Bridge - Kolkata Drawing. In designing this CAD model of the Howrah Bridge, the most difficult aspect was the internal lattice due to its delicate nature in the model form which belies its real strength. [6] Six rows of longitudinal stringer girders are arranged between cross girders. [7] A steamer named Egeria broke from her moorings and collided head-on with the bridge, sinking three pontoons and damaging nearly 200 feet of the bridge. … By the end of 1940, the erection of the cantilevered arms was commenced and was completed in mid-summer of 1941. Out of 26,000 tons of steel, that was required for the bridge, only 3000 tons were supplied from England. The bridge was erected by commencing at the two anchor spans and advancing towards the center, with the use of creeper cranes moving along the upper chord. Before 1906, the bridge used to be undone for the passage of vessels during daytime only. It extended tenders to 23 firms for its design and construction. Howrah Bridge: This bridge was constructed in 1943 over the Hooghly River at Calcutta. The bridge contains no nuts and bolts and was put together entirely by riveting. The Bridge has thus become an icon, capable of giving darshan.1 Hence his resistance to the In 1906[7] the Port Commission appointed a committee headed by R.S. Like JPG. [22] One of the main reasons for the overloading was that, although vehicles carrying up to 15 tonnes are allowed on the structure, vehicles with 12-18 wheels and carrying loads up to 25 tonnes often plied on it. Mallick, and W.H. Howrah Bridge layout and structure. The fabrication and erection work was awarded to a local engineering firm of Howrah: the Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop Construction Co.. by TEC-BOT - ming mcgoldr... 21 78 5. Music by Shekar Chandra. Discover (and save!) Radha Gopala Full Video Song, Howrah Bridge Telugu Movie Songs on Mango Music. Japan had attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The accuracy of sinking the huge caissons was exceptionally precise, within 50–75 mm of the true position. 17.8. [4] The roadways beyond the towers are supported from ground, leaving the anchor arms free from deck load. Bridge Drawing. A 2007 report revealed that nearly 90,000 vehicles were plying on the bridge daily (15,000 of which were goods-carrying), though its load-bearing capacity is only 60,000. #Tholisariga #HowrahBridge #RahulRavindran #ShekarChandra #ChandiniChowdary #ManaliRathodListen Howrah Bridge … Produced by EMVE Studios Pvt.Ltd. [30] Some of the 40 cross-girders were also broken. $16. Gyan Chandra. It is an iconic sight of Kolkata and West Bengal and is one of four bridges which cross the Hooghly River. [9] As an immediate measure, the Kolkata Port Trust engaged contractors to regularly clean the bird droppings, at an annual expense of ₹500,000 (US$7,000). Goode as president, S.N. The Tatas developed the quality of steel required for the bridge and called it Tiscom. With Madhubala, Ashok Kumar, K.N. A suspended-girder bridge of five spans of 401 feet (122 m) and two spans 200 feet (61 m) would be ideal. It is really thrilling. The job of sinking the caissons was carried out round-the-clock at a rate of a foot or more per day. Prize money of £ 3,000 (₹ 45,000, at the then exchange rate) was declared for the firm whose design would be accepted. These aspects are large, solid blocks which are one of the simpler CAD modelling designs. If you want to print at a larger scale then you should divide the model up into small individual pieces and print each piece separately. Two of four trolley guides, bolted and welded with the girders, were extensively damaged. by Ejub Avdic. The internal lattice, another feature of what has become a landmark of Chongqing is also shown along with the two bases and the guy wires. Somaditya Das. #furnituredesign #interiordesign #homeimprovement #industrial #3d #2d #cad, CAD FM’s team have a wealth of experience able to support your draft ideas and bring them to life. Based on their recommendation, M/s. [8] As the bridge could not handle the rapidly increasing load, the Port Commissioners started planning in 1905 for a new improved bridge. Through regular communication, we will take your vision, advise where needed. More from This Artist Similar Designs. The deck system includes cross girders suspended between the pairs of hangers by a pinned connection. Howrah Bridge - Brid... 900x660 2 0. More from This Artist Similar Designs. The anchor arms are 325 feet (99 m) each, while the cantilever arms are 468 feet (143 m) each. SOLIDWORKS 2016, Rendering, August 20th, 2017 BRIDGE CAM GAUGE. … PM Modi launches light-and-sound system of Howrah bridge in Millennium Park. It weathers the storms of the Bay of Bengal region, carrying a daily traffic of approximately 100,000 vehicles[11] and possibly more than 150,000 pedestrians,[9] easily making it the busiest cantilever bridge in the world. [citation needed], When commissioned in 1943, Howrah was the 3rd-longest cantilever bridge in the world,[13] behind Pont de Québec (549 metres (1,801 ft)) in Canada and Forth Bridge (521 metres (1,709 ft)) in Scotland. The Calcutta Port Trust was founded in 1870,[8] and the Legislative department of the then Government of Bengal passed the Howrah Bridge Act in the year 1871 under the Bengal Act IX of 1871,[8][16] empowering the lieutenant-governor to have the bridge constructed with Government capital under the aegis of the Port Commissioners. KoPT also contacted SAIL for 'matching steel' used during its construction in 1943. Large ferry steamers capable of carrying vehicular load (set up cost, This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 00:24. Manhattan Bridge Drawing. It requires regular cleaning due to excessive spitting and bird droppings which would otherwise cause corrosion. The main towers are 280 feet (85 m) high above the monoliths and 76 feet (23 m) apart at the top. The bridge is an icon of Kolkata and links the city of Howrah to Kolkata. Due to an increase in demand for crossing the Hooghly River, planners decided to replace the existing pontoon bridge in 1905 with something more substantial. The two anchorage caissons were each 16.4 m by 8.2 m, with two wells 4.9 m square. The order for construction and erection was placed on M/s.Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company in 1939. All the materials are … $20. This 3D model of the Howrah Bridge India was made using CAD modelling software and neutral files are provided for 3D printing. Howrah Bridge is a balanced cantilever bridge over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India. This 3D CAD model of the Chaotianmen Bridge displays the famous lower and upper arches and clearly shows the principal structure of the road. We support your journey from concept idea and create a full package of 3D models with 2D Engineering drawings and calculations or hit the ground running and re-design existing models. As such, it carries the near entirety of the traffic to and from the station, taking its average daily traffic close to nearly 150,000 pedestrians and 100,000 vehicles. your own Pins on Pinterest However, the bridge still continues to carry much more than the expected load. In 1939 when construction was once again due to begin on what was now called the New Howrah Bridge, war broke out again and all steel which had been intended for use on the bridge was rediverted to help the British war effort. One night during the process of grabbing the muck out, the ground shifted and the construction mass dropped around 6m registering as an earthquake on the seismograph and destroying a local Hindu temple which then had to be rebuilt. The bridge is one of four on the Hooghly River and is a famous symbol of Kolkata and West Bengal. Howrah Bridge was the third-longest cantilever bridge at the time of its construction, but now it is the sixth-longest one of its types. There are graphics, drawings, cliparts, origami, tattoo ideas and so many design sets, it’s impossible to count them all. … The first vehicle to use the bridge was a solitary tram. [8] Initially the bridge was periodically unfastened to allow steamers and other marine vehicles to pass through. Howrah Bridge – If it is your first visit to the City of Joy, then a visit to the iconic Howrah Bridge is a must. One night, during the process of grabbing out the muck to enable the caisson to move, the ground below it yielded, and the entire mass plunged two feet, shaking the ground. Madan has fallen into bad company and steals the family heirloom, in the shape of a dragon, some cash and runs away to India. The iconic Howrah Bridge will come to light on January 11 with a new sound and light show. After penetrating 2.1 m into clay, all shafts were plugged with concrete after individual dewatering, with some 5 m of backfilling in adjacent shafts. It spreads about 1500 ft over the Hooghly River and is 71 ft wide. All the steel that was to come from England were diverted for war effort in Europe. [20] The work on the foundation was completed on November 1938. A good place for the bridge was at Pulta Ghat "about a dozen miles north of Calcutta" where a "bed of stiff clay existed at no great depth under the river bed". They submitted a report stating that[8]. Shortly thereafter, his dead body is found under Calcutta's Howrah Bridge. In 1921 a committee of engineers named the 'Mukherjee Committee' was formed, headed by R. N. Mukherji, Sir Clement Hindley, chairman of Calcutta Port Trust and J. McGlashan, Chief Engineer. Tata Steel were asked to supply the remaining 23,000 tons of high tension steel. [4] There are total 8 articulation joints, 3 at each of the cantilever arms and 1 each in the suspended portion. Gyan Chandra. The entire construction of the bridge was done by a giant and well known engineering company in India in those days - Braithwaite Burn and Jessop Limited. Prior to 1993, the bridge also carried trams. Main towers are 280ft high above the monoliths and 76ft apart at the top. Originally called the New Howrah Bridge, it was opened in 1943 and was renamed Rabindra Setu in 1965 in honour of the great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore, the first Indian and Asian Nobel Laureate. Again World War II (1939–1945 ) intervened. In 1930 the Goode Committee was formed, comprising S.W. by kiran . The top beam was also challenging but the principal porticoes, bases and the road structure were relatively straightforward. This is a 3D scaled-down model of the Howrah Bridge which spans the Hooghly River, a distributary of the Ganges River that flows through West Bengal, India. Our fully customisable furniture design services are available. The entire 23,000 tons was supplied in time. The committee eventually decided on a floating bridge. Nearly 350 metres (1,150 ft) of 700 metres (2,300 ft) of the track were twisted beyond repair. $26. The bridge has two end anchor spans (which are anchored at the end supports) and one main span consisting of two cantilevers and one suspended span. The cross gradient of deck is 1 in 48 between kerbs.

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