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From the indie video game to the dominating AAA that needs a 1000Gb day one update, we’ve got you covered. Hec and Ricky are opposites. This coming to terms with and acknowledging of their respective issues allows for an introspective journey. As the boys just discussed at length (Episode 154), 2018 brought us a bumper crop of fantastic mainstream and independent horror films. and Seema Pahwa, who plays his harassed wife. Note: to see if each film is available for you to stream on Netflix or elsewhere, click on the title to be redirected to the movie page. From Easy Rider to Wild Hogs, everybody loves a road trip film. 12 Underrated Comedies You Should Watch Tonight. The main protagonist is perfectly cast, helped by the fact that the actress is not hugely famous and known for playing slightly meek, unassuming characters. All bring something new to the genre of indie but share similarities, whether that be their focus on character’s relationships, a journey undertaken or the underlying tone of the piece. Comedy . All rights reserved. As the case unfolds we learn more about Cory and his own tragic past and how it relates to the death of the young girl. From Comedies To Thrillers, from Sci-Fi To Westerns, Here Are Our Picks of 50 Truly Underrated 90s Movies… In hindsight, the 90s was the last golden period of originality in Hollywood. These 10 comedy films flew under the radar and were missed by a wide swath of the movie-going public, but they're well worth your time. At the start we see Ellen becoming so thin and weak from lack of eating that her parents make her go to rehab. With thousands of fireflies all around us, We tend to overlook the indie gems and get overwhelmingly stuck to the glowing ones. Below is a list of the best little-known/indie movies that spans across all genres. And Sanjay Mishra is faultless as the lead character, nothing short of magnificent. Everyone’s been to the classic Hollywood summer blockbusters; We’ve munched popcorn through the whole Terminator series, slurped over-iced $10 sodas throughout the Men In Black movies, cringed … She is a mother and grandmother but still dresses like a 1970s rocker and drives around in a vintage car. Ram might be a circus performer but that doesn't take away from his talent for making people laugh. From playing a pregnant teen in Juno to hitting the Roller Derby in Whip It, she has done her fair share of independent films. LoveFilm came along and made it more possible to get your hands on more independent films. Their loneliness and sense of isolation is well focused and despite their rocky start, they soon form a bond that is tight. People need to know about these films! It's impossible to not be touched by the story of this set of two siblings: Chottu and his elder sister Pari. Mythology blends with classic tech in this labor of love. By Arthur Thares. Although the main drive of the film is Rachel’s diagnosis and her coming to terms with it, the film also explores Greg’s struggle with his own identity. Most Underrated Sci-Fi Movies. It takes a sensitive subject and exposes it raw but that’s a good thing because those raw, unhinged moments in the film provide the realism of the situation. All this plays out to the backdrop of the New Zealand outback, which is breathtaking to behold. In one scene, Ram tells his son, ‘Asli artist sab ke liye nahi, apne liye perform karta hai.’  Watch it now! By Arthur Thares. His slightly unhinged attitude helps bring the main character out of her shell and having him by her side gives her the strength to take matters into her own hands. When you are writing a story about eating disorders, it is very important that you get the tone right. There is a nice balance between humour and drama, which results in the film being realistic and relatable. They form a … Occasionally one would pop up on TV late at night but apart from that, it was a case of catching it at a select cinema or finding it hiding at the back of a DVD shop. Watch it for the brilliant Sanjay Misra and  And Sanjay Mishra is faultless as the lead character, nothing short of magnificent. Gamezeen is a Zeen theme demo site. Not knowing what to do, his father sends him away to a clinic. Check out these underrated indie movies. Subscribe to Indiatimes and get handpicked updates based on your interests! The job involves looking after a disabled young man named Trevor, played by Craig Johnson. She ends up running into Margo, her boyfriend’s mother and the two end up forming a bond.

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