Aspire Nautilus V2

$ 36.95 $ 21.00

The Aspire Nautilus V2 is the latest generation of the Aspire Nautilus product line, imagined and crafted by design engineers at Aspire to meet the demands of modern vaping. Composed of a durable stainless steel body with an extra strong, shatter-resistant pyrex glass e-liquid chamber, the Aspire Nautilus V2 is a curvier, more ergonomic, more user friendly approach to its predecessor. The Nautilus V2 utilizes Aspiretech’s famous BVC-V2 organic cotton coil technology to produce consistently impressive thick clouds of delicious vapor ambrosia. This innovative device has a built in airflow adjustment tool that allows the user to fine tune the device for ideal vapor production, no matter the liquid viscousity (max VG supported). This generation of the Nautilus employs a top fill design and a practical, comprehensive airflow adjustment for maximum convenience.