Smoktech TFV8 Big Baby Beast

$ 49.95 $ 20.00

The TFV8 Big Baby Beast is a larger, higher capacity version of the Baby Beast TFV8 Glassomizer. Despite its more manageable size compared to the Standard TFV8, the Big Baby Beast still pounds out dense and immense clouds of delicious vapor nectar. Utilizing a slightly smaller, cross-compatible coil head than the standard TFV8, the Big Baby Beast is a well-oiled, finely tuned machine for flavor preservation and cloud chasing. The TFV8 was designed with wattage variability in mind, exceptional airflow, and offers two varieties of advanced coil technology: the TFV8-T10’s quintuple dual coil technology for incredibly efficient and fast-paced vapor production, and the TFV8-X4’s quad verticle coil technology with CF mate system for perfect balance in vapor production and flavor purity. The TFV8 features a large heating air tube structure for cooler vape and ideal airflow efficiency, high-precision airflow adjustment, and a wide bore delrin drip tip for greater cloud coverage.